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“Nashville-via-Boston duo Twen grew out of the DIY punk scene. The band have maintained that scrappy sensibility…[on ‘Waste’], lead vocalist Jane Fitzsimmons shouts over an extremely catchy but hard-hitting melody, “I make you wanna be someone. I make you want to waste it, I make you wanna waste some time.” The harmonies kind of remind me of early Tegan And Sara with a fuzzy edge.” - Stereogum


"It’s rare to find a band this fully-formed from the start, which is precisely why Twen feels so essential." - Uproxx 

"’Waste’ is an arresting introduction to Twen’s genre-defying sound, blending elements of psych rock and dream pop to make a sunny and energetic mélange, like surf rock a la Sunflower Bean. Theirs is the kind of timeless rock that leaves room for introspection and escapism both, conjuring infectious hooks without ever sacrificing texture." - Paste 

“[‘Waste’ is a’] catchy debut singles” - Brooklyn Vegan 

“TWEN show they are clearly a band to keep an eye on with ‘Waste.’" - Substream

Twen came up in the Boston DIY punk scene, kicking off two straight years of touring in 2017 with nothing but a live EP from the band’s first-ever performance. Now based in Nashville, Twen announce their explosive debut album Awestruck. Featuring their first two studio singles “Waste” and “Holy River” which received praise from the likes of NPR, Stereogum, Paste, Brooklyn Vegan, Uproxx, Under The Radar and more, Awestruck is a time capsule two years in the making and recorded in different locations along the way. Though unabashedly indie rock, Twen’s songs genre-bend from shoe-gaze-sized walls of sound to Beatle-esque call-and-response harmonies, while frontperson Jane Fitzsimmons’ voice weaves through guitarist Ian Jones’ guitar lines with Cocteau Twin’s inspired flair, giving breath of ethereal mysticism across the album. Awestruck will be out on September 20th via Frenchkiss - pre-order HERE.

Today Twen share the album’s massive, sun-drenched lead single “Damsel.” Listen to the song, check out the video and read an interview with the band exclusively on i-D HERE.

Twen is, of course, on the road now in support of White Reaper. The band headlines Union Pool in Brooklyn tonight as well. See below to find a show near you, and get your tickets HERE.


What’s a touring band without a record? For the past two years, Twen - led by Jane Fitzsimmons and guitarist Ian Jones - has been re-defining what a touring band looks like in an age of homogeneous pop crafted for streaming consumption, touring endlessly and perfecting a raw and mesmerizing live show without a proper release in tow. With DIY at the core of the band’s ethos, the two Twen masterminds have run Airbnbs while touring, played in exchange for skydiving, screen printed self-designed merch items by hand, and booked their own tours.


Disregarding music industry order-of-operations, Twen defied the mold through their Twen Live cassette release in 2017. Recorded from their first performance (ever) in a Boston basement, the 5-song EP is their only recorded music prior to their upcoming debut release.

Twen’s years-in-the-making live performance is built upon a classic rock setup of vocals, guitar, bass, and drums. With the foundation of Jones and Fitzsimmons, the band has cycled through rhythm players; often to keep up with their packed schedule. Life on the road is hard to maintain, especially when the only mechanism for spreading your music time-warps to an archaic traveling band.

Despite the band's strange start, promise grows with each step Twen takes. The freedom and chaos brought on by their nomadic roots leaks into their live performance, only to saturate further with time. With touring now defining how a rock band can earn keep in 2019, Twen represents a refreshing antidote in an increasingly digital world. Awestruck serves as their digital flag, a compressed promise of the joyous energy that awaits in their tours and records to come.


  1. Awestruck

  2. Damsel

  3. Honey Smacks

  4. Long Time

  5. Make Hard

  6. Baptism

  7. Holy River

  8. Waste

  9. Azkaban

  10. Horseblood

Tour dates

6/20: Brooklyn, NY – Union Pool (headline) ^

6/21: Amityville, NY – Amityville Music Hall*

6/22: Somerville, MA – Once Ballroom

6/23: Baltimore, MD – Ottobar*

6/25: Raleigh, NC – Kings*

6/26: Asheville, NC – The Mothlight*

6/27: Athens, GA – Rooftop@ Georgia Theatre

6/29: Louisville, KY – Headliners Music Hall*

6/30: Chicago, IL – Sleeping Village

* with White Reaper

^ with special guests Miss June


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