Drowners Premiere Video for "Cruel Ways" on Teen Vogue

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As a model for high fashion brands including Saint Laurent (casual, right?), Matt’s also easy on the eyes. Bonus: they're also Harry Styles-approved. Their first, self-titled album is filled with rock songs that are perfect for listening to as you chill out this summer, and their new single marks their next chapter. With a second album on the way — it’s scheduled to be released June 24 — their new music video for “Cruel Ways” is premiering today — and you can catch it first on Teen Vogue.

The video is exactly as you’d imagine given the title of the song, and fully reflect the track's darkness and cerebral feel. Quite honestly, it’s as if you’re going into somebody's mind. “We're planning on touring it pretty extensively so hopefully you’ll get a chance to see us on the road at some point,” Matt told us, so whether you watch this clip on repeat or book a ticket when they come your way, you won’t be disappointed.

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