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Hailing from New York City, Rahim are the new kids on the block, despite having already completed 3 tours and selling out of their first 2 7” releases. Over the past year of recording (with J. Robbins for an EP out on Frenchkiss Records July 26th) and touring, Rahim have come into their own. Sonically, the band is an amalgamation of Blonde Redhead, Q and not U, Fugazi and Sonic Youth, pulling influences from former torchbearers and catapulting the sound into something completely new.

The members of Rahim, Phil Sutton, Michael Friedrich and Eric Staciwo, began playing together in late 1999, under the name Radio Raheem. This early incarnation was a harsher, more aggressive trio than the current line-up. Their early live shows were the stuff of basement show lore and cassette tape demo fable across the suburban sprawl of Long Island, NY. It was not until late 2000 that Eric Staciwo left the band and was replaced by Ryan McCoy.