Catalog #FKR019


Turing Machine formed after the demise of Justin Cherno (guitar) and Scott Desimon’s (bass) previous skronk outfit, DC’s noise punks, Pitchblende. Pitchblende released 3 albums and a boatload of 7"s for of-the-moment labels like Cargo, Matador and Jade Tree. After relocating to NYC Cherno and Desimon teamed up with drummer Gerard Fuchs (previously of ex- Bitch Magnet guitar god Jon Fine’s time-signature-obsessed outfit, Vineland.) Named after the obscure English theroitician Alan Turing’s abstract machine used in complexity theory and computation theory, Turing Machine do indeed deliver with precise and appropriately complex music.

Brought together by their common background in noise / experimentation and a mutual love for esoteric kraut rock and psycheldic music the members of Turing Machine; Desimon, Fuchs and Chearno began playing together solely for a good time, but rock and roll habits die-hard. As their ideas progressed they began to search for a singer to participate in the project (an early quartet version of the band featured Matador Records founder Gerard Cosloy on 2nd guitar). After 2+ years of miserable auditions, lost friends and unreturned phone calls, it became increasingly obvious that they weren’t going to find a vocalist and the decision was made to continue as an instrumental trio. With the vocal burden lifted the music began to take a turn away from the strict math rock structures of their previous combos and headed toward more fluid, percussion driven sound reflecting German avant guardist’s like Can and Neu! As well as English Art School rockers This Heat.

Turing Machine’s DFA produced debut, “A New Machine for Living” ended up in heavy rotation as soundtrack music to 2 seasons of MTV’s The Real World and several skateboarding and bmx videos, and the band found themselves opening for Interpol, The Faint, Don Cabellero, Jets to Brazil and The Champs among others.

After 3 years of on/off playing the band headed into the Bridgeport CT’s Tarquin Studios in October 2003 with engineer Steve Revitte (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Liars, and Chearno’s other outfit Panthers). Again, the band set up and tracked the record live, playing the 10 minute + compositions in their entirety, but this time they added multi-instrument overdubs to flesh out the sound out the sound on their own. Just as the band finished tracking the record Desimon relocated to London for a year as his fiancée completed her graduate studies overseas, returning in June of 2004 to mix the record at Gigantic Studios NYC with Chris Zane (Calla, Les Savy Fav, Inouk).