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The Hold Steady has been recording “Separation Sunday,” the sophomore follow-up to their smash-up 2004 debut “Almost Killed Me” (Frenchkiss Records) throughout November and December 0f 2004, in their hometown of New York City at Gigantic Studios. “Separation Sunday” is scheduled for release care of Frenchkiss Records in May of 2005. “Almost Killed Me” has been acknowledged in a wide-range of Publication’s Best Of 2004 lists, including Rolling Stone, Spin and Magnet among others.

“Separation Sunday” is being co-produced by Dave Gardener (Rocket From The Crypt, Drive Like Jehu & Hot Snakes) & Dean Botulonis (also helmed the knobs & whistles for the Hold Steady’s first record.) Some of the early song titles include, “Hornets! Hornets!,” “Banging Camp,” Your Little Hoodrat Friend,” and “A Multitude of Casualties.”

New York City based, The Hold Steady is fronted by singer/lyricist Craig Finn. Finn left Minneapolis for NYC in 2000 after the demise of art punk critical favorites Lifter Puller. Finn is old enough to have seen numerous performances by The Replacements in their Bob Stinson glory days. He longed to create music that had the same loose energy as the ‘Mats, the Grifters, and the Rolling Stones, while keeping alive the literary lyrical focus that he had developed in Lifter Puller. Enter Tad Kubler, Former Bassist of Lifter Puller is The Hold Steady’s Guitar player. Tad’s classic rock guitar riffage and screaming solos were a perfect fit for Finn’s rock ideal.

In new line-up news, joining Craig Finn (Lead vox/guitar), Tad Kubler (lead guitar) and

Galen Polivka (bass) are stand-out new additions Bobby and Franz. Bobby Drake is on drums. Drake has already completed a number of tours with the band. He recently relocated to NYC and officially joined the band. He previously played in End Transmission and Arm. The Hold Steady welcomes Franz Nicolay on keys. Nicolay is a current member of the World/Inferno Friendship Society. He also played piano and keys on Almost Killed Me.

The Hold Steady’s “Almost Killed Me” has graced many a magazine’s pages in the nod to the best and overlooked music of 2004. Craig Finn expresses his gratitude and excitement, “We are honored that so many people remembered Almost Killed Me in their year end polls. We are excited to kick off 2005 with a new record, a bunch of shows, and our two new band members.”



How does The Hold Steady differ from Lifter Puller?

The Hold Steady takes a lot more inspiration from classic rock, has looser song structures and two members that weren't in LP.


Are the lyrics based on real life?

Yes, but oftentimes they are based on other people's real lives.


Can you turn down the guitar?

This amp loses tone if I turn it down. It doesn't have a master volume.


How did you guys form?

We came together to play some covers backing up some friends of ours in a comedy troupe. After doing that twice, we rehearsed some original music and then played a show as The Hold Steady. All of us lived in Minneapolis at one point. Thats how we know each other.


Do the characters in the lyrics to The Hold Steady songs relate to the characters in Lifter Puller songs?

Not really, maybe its a parallel universe though.


How many brews?

So many brews!


What are your goals with The Hold Steady?

To have fun playing, performing, and recording music.


Whats the difference between the NYC music scene and the Midwestern scenes that you guys came from?

NYC bands get a lot more national recognition, Midwestern bands take themselves less seriously. What came first is like the chicken and the egg...


What is the biggest inter-band conflict?

Packers vs. Vikings. Everyone recognizes that the Minnesota Twins are sweet.


Is Tad drunk?

No, he's just really tired.



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