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"...The Apes flaunt their pummeling audiences with their explosive live shows."

- Timeout (London), January, 2002


Listening to Fugue In The Fog is like jumping into a mud puddle head first-grimy, messy and completely invigorating. It's not dynamic or variable; it's not melodic or harmonious. In fact, Fugue In The Fog is not a lot of things, except for innovative and creepy. It's not everyday that a heavy rock outfit trades a lead guitar for an organ, but somehow The Apes make the switch work--the organ makes their music all the more sinister. they may not have much variation in sound or scope, but, hey, if it ain't broke...let's just say that if the Addams family every threw a party and needed to hire a band, they'd call The Apes."

- Alternative Press (from "100 Bands You Need To Know In '02")


"The Apes hailing all the way back from Washington, DC are intense, sinister and mostly rock. Their debut offers a cutting explosive introduction to the Washington four. 'Black Tears,' 'Mountain Of Steal,' 'Ape Town', and 'The Mind' spit in your face, kick you about, and leave you still wanting more. Organs, big beats and a lot of sneering create a musical landscape all their own, as The Apes probe they can play with the best of them. There are sometimes reminders of Tomahawk on the record, but that can't be a bad thing of course. No matter what The Apes are, however, this 2002 you either better run and hide or be prepared to rock. Hard."

- Broken Voice (UK), January 2002



"A gorilla did sign language in return to me with David Duchovny, but who knew Apes could rock? The apes announce, 'THE APES ARE GONNA TURN IT ON NOW!' in the second track and when they do it gets pretty interesting. Like a patient chef making fondue sludge, this mix starts up and simmers slow, actually making mem feel kind of restless and uncomfortable. Elements of the make-up mixed in with The Apes' Steppenwolf vibe--some funky stuff blended into the fuzz-out garage rock-and it adds up to one hairy freakout."

- Giant Robot, Winter 2001


“The Apes are what happens when four hooded, full moon worshiping, transgressors hit upon a secret midnight majick.”

- Careless Talk Costs Lives


“{The Apes}…discovered a way to meld raw rap rock and angular punk. Their live show is an abrasive assault.”

- Spin


"{Oddeyesse}…is the synthesis of all The Apes’ ideas and it comes of as a winning Who homage, minus the Pete Townsend’s windmilling.”

- Rockpile


“Play it on your porch to scar away the kids.”

- Boston Phoenix


“The Apes are primal synth punk, oozing a murky sound from the depths of their blackened minds.”

- The Stranger


“{The Apes}…just don’t write songs, they write brilliantly demented anthems.”

- HearSay


“The Apes sound is so heavy and weird that you can’t stop listening.”

- Los Angeles Times


“The Apes give their prog-punk a singular punch.”

- Washington Post


“The Apes colorful stretch of the imagination never loses its touch.”

- In Music We Trust


“…Blasts of awe-inspiring firepower.”

-  Pitchfork



Why no guitar?

It makes life easier… you have to tune guitars more often And you don’t have to worry about breaking strings every show Plus basses look huge on short people, creating the illusion that there is a midget or a 12 year old in the band… and that sells records!


What’s it like being a band from D.C.?

It feels like cheaper rent than NYC and no bad fashion - hawk/ ironic mullet hairdos.


Why do you wear costumes?

Our regular clothes suck, and who wants to watch four people in t-shirts and jeans.


Why concept records?

College girls just can’t seem to get enough of it. We read that in the new Jane magazine.


You guys seem to have a lively active show. Why?

It is a good excuse to get 30-40 min of good cardio every night.


Who are your influences?

People over forty who haven’t thrown in the towel; and horrible gross couples who make fancy organic meals together.


Does the politics of DC have an effect on you music?

Yeah sometimes people start talking political stuff and we start dreaming about playing a tone low enough to destroy their reproductive organs.


Do you guys do lots of acid?

No we do hits of cinnamon. It doesn’t give you that weird tense jaw thing.


Have you heard the new (fill in blank of whatever is the big new record)?’s ok...good drum sounds.


Anything else you would like to talk about?

No...but how old are you and is this actually going to be seen anywhere?