Catalog #FKR020


Smoke and Smoke get right to the point. Like a Hemmingway novel, the music is terse and violent—presented in short, unsentimental, bursts. Short thrift is given for anything unessesary. Smoke and Smoke has a debut record due out on Frenchkiss in November. Here are the facts. No funny business.

Smoke and Smoke is Spencer Moody, Mike Kunka and Dan Haugh. Mike and Dan were in godheadSilo (sub pop.) Dan once cut all the tendons in his left arm and lost the use of it for a year or two, so godheadSilo chilled. Mike was also in Enemymine (k records, up records.) Spencer was the singer in Murder City Devils (sub pop). Mike and Spencer were in Dead Low Tide (tigerstyle records). Mike got whooping cough and was sick for 1 1/2 years and scarred his vocal chords. This somehow ended dead low tide.

Smoke and Smoke live and practice in Port Angeles, Washington. Smoke and Smoke is the name of the local head shop in Port Angeles Washington. And mostly people from Port Angeles, Washington will get the joke. Smoke and Smoke are trying their hardest to not sound like any other band or any certain type of music. They are also trying their hardest to have fun.

Smoke and Smoke record themselves in the practice spot or with their good friend Matt Remine on his ranch just outside of Port Angeles, Washington. The Creative process unfolds something like this: Mike rides his bike to the spot and he and Dan rock it. Spencer hears it and drops lyrical science all over that piece.