Catalog #FKR010


“MNML is 45 minutes of rock wound so tight every shift in the tension is audible. It’s a tension that goes way beyond the usual writer/editor hate-love relationship; MNML has a minor-keyed ferocity about it that recalls Mission of Burma and Sub Pop-era Soundgarden.”

- Philadelphia City Paper


“S PRCSS (melds) strong writing with inventive twists in every song. With the right combination of punk, garage and a few electronic flourishes, S PRCSS has created an album in which each track stands on its own as an accomplishment.”

- Boston’s Weekly Dig


“ The S PRCSS album. I’ve heard it and it makes the Yeah Yeah Yeahs sound like Def Poetry Jam.”

- Philadelphia Weekly (25 Best Things About the Philly Art & Music Scene)


“S PRCSS’ rhythm section sends the dancepunk idiom flailing like a jackknifed truck of bricks. Where other low-slung hipsters bark angrily atop cold hi-hat beats, this trio softens any pointed angles with a smart emotionalism. Heavily rhythmic, electronic-smattered dance-pop numbers are the name of the game—and where the instrumentals are short on arty hooks, the vocals are long on the lilting melodies. It is a wise and balanced move, and it sends S PRCSS just across the threshold into their own vista of elaborately composed tracks, sparkling the guitar, drums, programmed electronics, even actual pianos.”



“…so much here, how can they call it “MNML?” Perhaps that’s all they had left…not even having vowels…perhaps it’s really MONUMENTAL? Totally overflowing and energetic. Excellent.”

- Pataphysics Research Journal