The Line of Best Fit Premieres Drowners' "Human Remains"

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Drowners share “Human Remains”, a shimmering single stuffed with contrasts

Drowners are debuting "Human Remains", a new taste of upcoming LP On Desire, on Best Fit.

"Human Remains" links up with "Cruel Ways" in previewing the New York City-based group's follow up to their self-titled 2014 debut.

During "Human Remains" Drowners deploy shivering acoustic guitars and glitter-encrusted percussion, and drape sleek melodies across a shimmering frame. It's a bit '80s, dark without being malicious, and frontman Matthew Hitt's vocals flutter between breathy and belty - he sings of one-way affection, but the instrumental backdrop contrasts with his frustration.

"I watched her dance a crowded floor, holding on tightly to someone she'd met the week before," Hitt sings. "So when I leave tonight, with someone at my side, all the time I'll make believe it's you..." 

It's springy, if not exactly cheerful, and although romance is in his heart, Hitt's apparent actions are far from noble - but that's where the track's strengths lie. It's full of contrasts between light and dark, happy and sad, love and lust. 

On Desire is released via Frenchkiss Records on 24 June. 



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With June right around the corner, the charming, New York-based band Future Generations have welcomed summer with their latest release, “Stars.” Although they infuse their music with personality through an eclectic, harmonious blend of melodies and beats, Future Generations manage to be far from your standard feel-good indie band. Wistful, emotional lyrics juxtapose the melody’s upbeat and warm vibes, making you feel both nostalgia and the desire to dance at the same time. Future Generations truly live up to their name by paving a delicious and new sound for indie pop music. Celebrate the changing weather by giving Future Generations a listen and checking out their self-titled album, out July 29 on Frenchkiss!



Drowners Dare You Not To Dance On Their New Single “Pick Up The Pace” via Nylon

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New York City stalwarts Drowners are back with “Pick Up the Pace,” a surprisingly danceable bit of guitar rock and the first single off of their upcoming album, On Desire (June 24). Drowners lead singer (and sometimes YSL model) Matt Hitt has said that fans can expect the record to be darker than previous releases, and something “that’s easier to dance to.”

With “Pick Up the Pace,” Drowners deliver on that promise, as Hitt plaintively sings over jangling guitar rhythms and rolling bass, in a cathartic culmination. “It’s sort of a stream of consciousness around the idea of encouraging someone who’s become [too] lazy or despondent to pull their finger out,” Hitt told us about the track.

The song was mixed and produced by Claudius Mittendorfer, the wizard behind albums by Interpol, Johnny Marr, and Neon Indian.

We spoke with Hitt briefly about his inspirations for the coming record and how “Pick Up the Pace” was created. 

What artists inspire you?

Besides the usual list of British musicians, I’m mostly inspired by arguments I overhear in the street. Most of my song ideas are sparked from that.

How did the collaboration with Claudius Mittendorfer come about?

 His name was put forward by someone to mix the record, but after we sent him some demos, he said he was interested in producing it, too. We went and met him at his studio in New York and really got along and we were excited about the suggestions he had for the songs. His knowledge of how to achieve space or the right amount of texture in a song is something I am in awe of him about. 

What was the songwriting process like for this track? 

Erik and DJ demoed the song while we were recording the first batch of tunes for the album. We all really liked it so we tracked the basics at Electric Lady Studios. After that, I would walk home from the studio, listening [to] a roughly mixed instrumental version of it, humming potential lyrics and melodies to myself. It kind of came down to the wire with this tune, though. If I remember correctly, I wrote the final lyrics the morning of the last day in the studio and recorded them that afternoon.

Bump Drowners’ new track, below:

Drowners Premiere Video for "Cruel Ways" on Teen Vogue

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As a model for high fashion brands including Saint Laurent (casual, right?), Matt’s also easy on the eyes. Bonus: they're also Harry Styles-approved. Their first, self-titled album is filled with rock songs that are perfect for listening to as you chill out this summer, and their new single marks their next chapter. With a second album on the way — it’s scheduled to be released June 24 — their new music video for “Cruel Ways” is premiering today — and you can catch it first on Teen Vogue.

The video is exactly as you’d imagine given the title of the song, and fully reflect the track's darkness and cerebral feel. Quite honestly, it’s as if you’re going into somebody's mind. “We're planning on touring it pretty extensively so hopefully you’ll get a chance to see us on the road at some point,” Matt told us, so whether you watch this clip on repeat or book a ticket when they come your way, you won’t be disappointed.

Eleanor Friedberger - "Does Turquoise Work?" Video

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The occasional Fiery Furnace Eleanor Friedberger released her New View album at the beginning of the year, and she seems to be on a mission to make videos out of each one of its songs. We’ve already seen clips for “He Didn’t Mention His Mother,” “Sweetest Girl,” “Because I Asked You,” and “Never Is A Long Time.” Today, she’s shared the cartoon video for “Does Turquoise Work?,” which her bassist Jonathan Rosen put together. Rosen animated the video from his own hand-drawings — over 1,000. It’s a trippy, kaleidoscopic affair, one that unfolds according to its own logic. Check it out below, via Nerdist.

New View is out now on Frenchkiss.

Decorations Premiere "Promise" via POPMATTERS - Announce New Album, Have Fun, Out June 10th!

Decorations Premiere "Promise" via POPMATTERS - Announce New Album, Have Fun, Out June 10th!

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Los Angeles pop group Decorations is fronted by Devon Geyer, a Berklee College of Music graduate, who headed back to LA after school and found himself without music gigs and without his girlfriend. It’s a sad state of affairs that most of us can relate to, but Geyer decided to apply his heartache to creative endeavors as inspiration to make these issues universal in song. “I saw all of my friends going through the same things at different times,” Geyer says. “So, I wanted to strip away the personal nature of the inspiration. I didn’t want to write specifically about my ex-girlfriend; I wanted to write about everybody’s ex.”

So Geyer set to work under the moniker Decorations and released a 2015 EP with Frenchkiss Records called Girls. At the same time, he finished up his debut album, Have Fun, which he produced and wrote and also played all of the instruments. The result, as we can see in the first single “Promise” is new wavey, hook-filled pop that harken back to the slightly punky, British guitar pop of the early ‘80s, including the Undertones, Elvis Costello and even the Buzzcocks. It’s a timeless pop sound and Decorations performs it with complete confidence and superb musicianship. “Promise” is a short, sweet and addictive earworm that’s instantly memorable.
Geyer says of “Promises” that “there’s a promise that’s made when you reach peak anger in an argument with the person you love; to step back, recollect, and be a better person. But do these moments make you a better person? Do they have an equalizing effect? Or is this a promise to hide your true self? It’s a different question in every relationship that stems from the same notion ‘did i mess up or was i trying to mess this up?’ We can all be such hypocrites in the name of love, but love doesn’t rely on logical continuity anyway, so screw it.”



Drowners' "Cruel Ways" Premieres at Noisey; Pre-order for ON DESIRE live!

Drowners have unveiled details of their long awaited new album. “ON DESIRE” arrives everywhere on Friday, June 24th.

“ON DESIRE” is available for pre-order now via all leading DSPs. All pre-orders will be accompanied by an instant grat download of the album’s stirring lead track, “Cruel Ways,” premiering today exclusively via Noisey. Additional “ON DESIRE” tracks will be offered as instant grat downloads in the weeks leading up to the album’s release.

Drowners will herald “ON DESIRE” with a series of showcase performances at Austin, TX’s upcoming South By Southwest (SXSW), set for March 15th – 20th. Multiple appearances are scheduled through the festival, culminating in an official showcase at Cheer Up Charlies (900 Red River Street), slated for Saturday, March 19th at 10:00 pm. A full-scale North American tour will coincide with the release of “ON DESIRE” – for regular news and updates please see

Recorded and mixed by Claudius Mittendorfer (Interpol, Johnny Marr, Neon Indian), “ON DESIRE” sees Drowners more than fulfilling the promise of their self-titled 2014 debut, delivering a collection of 21st century indie rock that elevates the genre while carrying on the glorious musical continuum which fueled its creation. Tracks like “Conversations With Myself” and “Human Remains” layer ringing guitars, soaring melodies, and propulsive rhythms with a provocative sensuality sparked by singer/guitarist Matthew Hitt’s mesmerizing voice and sardonic lyrics.   Epic in aspiration yet intimate at its heart, “ON DESIRE” stands as an essential moment for Drowners, an evolutionary leap forward as well as an extraordinary zenith all its own.

Drowners came together in summer 2011 when Hitt uprooted himself from his native Wales and resettled in New York City. Taking inspiration from his classic UK indie forebears, he honed his razor-edged songcraft and soon united a crack band to join him, Jack Ridley III (guitar, vocals,) Erik Lee Snyder (bass,) and later, Daniel Jacobs (drums).

Drowners officially emerged in 2013 with the “BETWEEN US GIRLS” EP, a short, sharp statement of intent that swiftly led to the band signing with NYC’s influential Frenchkiss Records. “DROWNERS” arrived in January 2014, with songs like “Long Hair” and “Luv, Hold Me Down” earning global praise for their instant power and pop smarts. “Drowners wear their influences with pride, but their charm is all their own,” raved Q, noting, “The very idea of jangling fringe-shaking indie-pop succeeding amid the sultry electro-pop hordes seems unlikely, but there’s an against-the-odds charisma about Drowners…This is a joyful tumble of emotion, a place alive with the explosive surge of teenage desire.” “Crisp, bright Anglo-Eighties guitar pop bristling with coy cockiness,” declared Rolling Stone as NME hailed the album’s “pure garage-rock fury.”

Having attracted early attention with their electric live performances, Drowners followed the release of their full-length debut with close to two years of near non-stop international touring. Highlights included countless headline shows, show-stopping festival sets (at 2014’s Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, among others), and support dates alongside such like-minded artists as Arctic Monkeys, Cage the Elephant, The Vaccines, Temples, and Foals.

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(Frenchkiss Records)

Release Date: Friday, June 24th


  1. Troublemaker

  2. Cruel Ways

  3. Human Remains

  4. Someone Else Is Getting In

  5. Dreams Don’t Count

  6. Conversations With Myself

  7. Trust The Tension

  8. Another Go

  9. Pick Up The Pace

  10. Don’t Be Like That




16        Maggie Mae’s – Paradigm Agency Showcase                    SET TIME: 9:20 pm

18        Hotel Vegas – Cameo Gallery                                             SET TIME: 4:30 pm

19        Hotel Vegas & Volstead Lounge – Do512’s The Big One   SET TIME: 1:00 pm

19        Cheer Up Charlie’s – Official SXSW Showcase                  SET TIME: 10:00 pm