Catalog #FKR027


“Disjointed blues riffs wrap themselves neatly around foot-tapping (yet anarchic) drum beats, with the screaming of our pubescent superstar layered on top, combined to form an Extra Value Meal of blues-punks-who-used-to-like-indie-rock-but-got-bored-with-it-by-grade-ten. Hands down the best thing to emerge from Estrus since the Drags. 9 out of 10.”

- Vice Magazine


“And the Fatal Flying Guilloteens? Well, Chunklet’s had a big ol’ boner for those Houstonians for years now. Their new album is due in the late spring on Frenchkiss Records and is a kinetic interpretation of The Jesus Lizard discography crammed thru a kaleidoscope of dark 90’s spazz rockers like the VSS. And again, their live shows are quite galvanizing and have only improved in all the times I’ve seen them. And hell, Tim Kerr adores them! That should be enough for anybody.”

- Chunklet


“The Fatal Flying Guiloteens bring a classic SST/early-Touch and Go sound to the inexplicably un-crowded modern punk table.”

- Vertical Slum


“Juggling spazz rock, noise, and garage punk with the precision of a drunken sailor in New York City, Fatal Flying Guilloteens recall the Jesus Lizard better than anyone else could on the planet. That’s not to say that they’re rip-offs—hardly, in fact they built upon the influence adding their own Houston-based influences…”



“Aggressive, raw, cutthroat and chaotic…”



“the Gang of Four of garage rock”

- Tim Kerr (Big Boys/Poison 13/Bad Mutha Goose/Monkeywrench/Jack ‘O Fire/Lord High Fixers/King Sound Quartet/The Now Time Delegation/Total Sound Group Direct Action Committee)


“Enough yelping and yanking to get a room of Jesus Lizard fans grinning. A real racket, in other words…”

- Decibel


“‘Reveal the Rats’ displays a seasoned band bristling with an art damaged intensity; the low-end screams David (Wm.) Sims”

- Dusted