Catalog #FKR018

Detachment Kit was born of the band members’ desire to express their musical disassociation with everything around them. While they embrace and support the current independent sonic palette, they see themselves as an inherently conceptual band that is separate from the readymade confines of scenes, labels and genre-specific musical movements. As singer Ian Menard says, “I think we are relative to the current indie scene, but we’re not card carrying members of any particular genre. Actually, my card is all maxed out. What we are looking for is debt relief.”

Ian Menard (guitar & lead vox) & Charlie Davis (guitar) are the great (de)constructors of Detachment Kit. On Of This Blood (Frenchkiss Records), the highly-anticipated follow-up full-length to their much loved 2002 debut They Raging, Quiet Army (The Self-Starter Foundation), Ian handled guitars, drums and vocals while Charlie pulled double duty playing guitar and bass. The touring version of Detachment Kit is a quartet, with a rhythm section comprised of Michael Hamilton (drums) and Bryan Mayer (bass guitar.)

Of this Blood was recorded in two weeks time at Steve Albini’s studio, Electrical Audio in Chicago, IL, the same creative hotbed where the band spent all of one day recording their first album, They Raging Quiet Army. The thirteen additional days wear well on Detachment Kit. Of This Blood is more than the proverbial musical leap forward for the band. The album distills themes of isolation, anxiety, triumph, loss, hope and sentiment into its own unique poetics; it is concrete with soft skin. Of This Blood travels many musical paths, surprising and challenging the listener at each turn. Guided by anthemic, angular guitars, throaty deep bass lines, bombastic drums and layers of confessional, angst-ridden, yet playful and vulnerable vocals, the album captures the dichotomy between danger and delicacy.




Are you Gay?

Not…. yet.


What are you thinking about?



Are you pissed?

Not…. yet.


Are you tired?

No, why?


Do you remember what you said to me last night?

Kinda. Yeah….No, Sorry?


Are you religious?



Why do you smell bad?

Are you sure it’s me?


When are you guys coming back to San Francisco?

Anybody’s guess is as good as mine.


Are y’all signed?



What’s your band called again?

The Strokes.


What are your favorite….?



Do you have a cult?



Do you have any cavities?

Yes, Charlie does.


Have ever you killed a man?




PR: David Newgarden and Joe Goldberg